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A relaxed Sunday? Not during Imagine! We have another packed day for you with a little something for everyone. Make sure to catch our talkshow The Rough Guide To Indonesian Fantastic Pop Culture. And remember – every Imagine movie is available to watch for a 48 hour period, so you don’t have to miss a thing!

Have you watched a movie? Don’t forget to put in your vote for the Silver Scream Award. Stay on the page until after the credits roll and you will able to leave your rating of the film you just watched.




Coded Bias – starts at 15:00

A shocking discovery about facial recognition kicks off a hard-hitting documentary exploring the human cost of Artificial Intelligence.

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Horror Shorts – available from 15:00 hr

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The Rough Guide to Indonesian Fantastic Pop Culture – live at 15:00 ht

The use of local folklore in recent Indonesian fantastic cinema is part of a wider cultural movement, which we will explore in this talk show.

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Empty Body + The Recycling Man + The Sixth Unit – beschikbaar vanaf 17:00 uur

A dead son’s mind is revived by AI in astute but moving sci-fi asking questions about identity, family and free will.

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Teddy – available from 17:00 hr

After being bitten, Teddy’s body starts to change. Unusual take on the werewolf myth is one of the saddest and most beautiful movies of the year.

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Finding Tom Bombadil – Live Black Box Special – live at 19:00 hr

Your help is called for in the search for Tolkien’s most mysterious fantasy figure. Film maker Joost van de Loo and his network of holistic detectives are on a worldwide quest to find Tom Bombadil. This live Special discusses their methods and shows new material. Due to the intimate, as-yet-unpublished nature of the material, the audience is requested to make no recordings of the event.

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Absolute Denial + Heart of Gold – available from 19:30hr

Disturbed and genius programmer is confronted with smart and dangerous AI in gloriously old-school animation about a not-too-distant future.

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Satan’s Slaves + Interview – available from 19:30hr

A family, haunted by the spirit of the dead mother, is eventually forced to fight an army of zombies in this blood-curdling family drama.

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Amulet – available from 21:30hr

Guilt-ridden immigrant faces a disturbing household in a one of a kind movie trip that feels and sounds truly great.

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Missed something? These films from earlier are still available today:

Anything for Jackson – available until Sunday 15:00 uur

Sputnik – available until Sunday 15:00 uur

#ShakespeareShitstorm – available until Sunday 17:30 uur

Mandibles – available until Sunday 17:30 uur

The Queen of Black Magic – available until Sunday 17:30 uur

Censor – available until Sunday 19:30 uur

Comedy Shorts – available until Monday 15:00 hr

Slate – available until Monday 15:00

The Trouble With Being Born – available until Monday 15:00

Code Name: Nagasaki + Incarnation – available until Monday 17:00

Hunted – available until Monday 17:00

Lapsis – available until Monday 19:30

Mother Schmuckers – available until Monday 19:30

Red Screening – available until Monday 19:30

Possessor – available until Monday 21:30