A shocking discovery about facial recognition kicks off a hard-hitting documentary exploring the human cost of Artificial Intelligence.

While working on research into facial recognition software, researcher Joy Buolamwini found that the algorithm couldn’t detect her face — until she put on a white mask. She soon discovered that most of such programmes are based on data sets that skew lightskinned and male. Hard-hitting documentary explores the human cost of AI: how technology perpetuates inequalities in race, gender and class. 

The opening scene of Shalini Kantayya’s revelatory documentary is shocking enough in its own right. But once she starts digging deeper into the data behind AI, the disturbing truths pile up quickly. While the subject may be technology, Kantayya keeps her focus on the human side of things. With a host of mainly female experts, she demonstrates that while AI may be looking forward, our data sets are steeped in history, with all its trouble and equality. Music and graphics offer a nod to 2001: A Space Odyssey and the vision of science fiction in general. That science, however, is fiction no more. 

90 minuten
VS, China, Groot-Brittannië
Shalini Kantayya