General F.A.Q.

What does Imagine stand for?

Imagine is the largest film festival for fantastic film in the Netherlands, with the best in fantasy, horror and science fiction.

When does the festival take place?

The next festival will be held in 2022. The exact date is not yet known at this time. Sign up for our newsletter and stay informed of the latest updates.

Where can I find information about ticket sales and ticket prices?

Ticket sales start 3 weeks before the festival. We will keep you informed of the latest updates via the newsletter.

Where does the festival take place?

Imagine film festival takes place in various cinemas in Amsterdam, due to the corona measures, the 2021 edition took place online.

How do I stay informed about the festival news?

Sign up for our newsletter and stay informed of the latest updates. You can also follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

I am a film maker, how do I submit my film?

You can read all the information here. If you have any other questions, please contact us at

What does Imaginary friend mean?

The Imagine Film Festival cannot exist without the support of friends, volunteers, partners and generous donors. Thanks to them, we can organize a successful film festival every year, celebrating genre film in all its facets. We appreciate all contributions to the Imagine Film Festival, from small gestures to grand collaborations.

As our imaginary friend you contribute €50,00 in the form of a yearly renewable subscription. By doing so you help us bring the festival to you.

How do I become an imaginary friend?

We can become friends through this link.

F.A.Q. Online edition

Can I also watch the festival programme from abroad?

You can watch the features and shorts programmes from the Netherlands only. Talkshows and panels can be watched from all over the world.

How do I purchase a screening ticket?

Simply click on the ticket button of the film you want to watch. After creating an account, you can purchase most tickets directly. An exception is the 5×5 ticket. Once you have bought this, you will receive a code that is valid for five tickets. More information on the ticket page.

Can an online screening sell out?

Yes, some titles have a limited number of tickets and can sell out.

How does a screening ticket work?

Once you have bought a ticket, you will receive an email with a link to the online screening. This link works from the indicated start time of the screening. Please note: you can only use this link once, it is linked to your IP address. Please only use the link when you are actually going to watch the film. You can watch our VOD screenings from a specified starting time. Your ticket link is valid for 48 hours from that moment onward and you can start the stream at any time you like within this time frame.

Please note: Events start and end at a fixed time. So make sure you are on time for this. The links for the events work from 20 minutes before the start of the stream. Do not close the browser while viewing. Your ticket link will not work after that. However, it is possible to pause the film or event.

What is the ticket price and are there any discounts?

Tickets are € 8.00 for features and € 5,00 for shorts. Cineville pass holders pay € 5.00. Buy 5 tickets for € 25.00 with our 5×5 pass.

Can tickets be altered or refunded?

Once purchased, tickets cannot be altered or refunded.

Do you sell festival passes?

No, we don’t have a festival pass. We do have a 5×5 pass, with five tickets for 25 euros.

I have a Cineville pass, what does that give me?

Upon entering your pass number, you will be given a 3 euro discount, paying only 5 euros.
Please be aware that there is a limited availability.

Are there any free events?

Yes, all our talkshows and panels are free.

How does it work to watch free events?

You need to be registered and pick up a free ticket through the webshop.

Can I watch with Apple TV or Chromecast?

Casting is possible, but we recommend that you do this from a laptop because of the quality. If you want watch via Chromecast, please use a Chrome browser. For Airplay, use Safari.

Can I watch on my television?

Yes, by connecting your laptop to your television.

Can I watch on my tablet or smartphone?

Yes, you can use a smartphone or tablet to watch.

Does a film or event start at a fixed time?

The films are available for 48 hours from the starting time. You can choose when you want to watch, as long as it is within the 48 hours time frame.The link to the film is active from twenty minutes before the starting time.

Talkshows, panels and masterclasses start and end at a fixed time.

Can I rewind?

You can rewind most films, with one or two exceptions. These are indicated on their film pages.

Can I pause?

All films can be paused and resumed.

Can I watch a film for the entire duration of the festival?

No, you can watch a film within 48 hours from its starting time.

I have bought a ticket, when can I start the stream? Can I go in after the stream has started?

The link to the film works from 20 minutes before the starting time and you can start the stream at the specified time. For feature films, you can start the film within 48 hours of starting time.

For masterclasses, talkshows and panels you can start the stream at any time, but if you start the stream after the specified starting time, you cannot catch up with the part you have missed.

Ik kan mijn tickets of de bevestigingsmail niet terugvinden, wat nu?

Heb je in je spam gekeken? Anders kun je contact opnemen met de Helpdesk.

I cannot find my tickets or the confirmation email.

Please check your spam folder. If that does not give a result, please contact our helpdesk.

I have problems streaming

Please contact our helpdesk.

My question is not on here

Please contact our helpdesk.