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Imagine Project Platform

Imagine Project Platform

Makers who are working on their first or second feature film or series and experienced makers who are working on a fantastic film for the first time can submit their projects for the Imagine Project Platform. The four selected projects receive a tailor-made trajectory of feedback and match making sessions, depending on the needs of the project. In addition, for the most promising project, there is participation in the Frontières co-production market in Montreal.

This project is currently Dutch Only. The 2024 call for submission will follow late June.

Selected projects in 2023:

How Henry Lost His Mirror Image (feature, science fiction/fantasy/black comedy)
Producer: OAK Motion Pictures, Trent
Writer / director: Victoria Warmerdam

Low (feature, horror)
Producer: 2C Film, Edvard van ‘t Wout
Director: Martijn Smits
Writer: Steven Friedman

Saudad.e (feature, science fiction)
Producer: Hazazah, Maarten Kuit
Director: Hanna van Niekerk
Writer: Bodil Matheeuwsen

SMOOK (feature, supernatural horror)
Producer: Studio Ruba, Maarten van der Ven, Layla Meijman
Writer / director: Dwight Fagbamila
Co-writer: Bodil Matheeuwsen


The Imagine Project Platform is a program for makers of genre films who have been around for a while and for makers who previously worked in drama or arthouse and are now taking the step towards genre. Central to the IPP are the pitches of feature film projects that Imagine has been organising since 2015. All selected projects will be offered a tailor-made trajectory to take their project to a higher level. The best pitch participates in the co-production market Frontières in Montreal.