Awards & Jury’s

The Black Tulip is the festival’s top prize for the best fantastic feature film

The 2021 competition:
  • Absolute Denial – Ryan Braund (VK 2020)
  • Dead & Beautiful – David Verbeek (Nederland, Taiwan 2021)
  • Possessor – Brandon Cronenberg (Canada 2020)
  • Coming Home in the Dark – James Ashcroft (Nieuw-Zeeland 2021)
  • History of the Occult – Cristian Ponce (Argentinië 2020)
  • Me and Me – Jung Jin-young (Zuid-Korea 2020)
  • My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Tell It To – Jonathan Cuartas (VS 2020)
  • In the Shadows – Erdem Tepegoz (Turkije 2020)

The jury: Carmen Felix, componist Ella van der Woude en journalist Omar Larabi.

The jury awarded the Argentine film
History of the Occult (Historia de lo Oculto)
by Cristian Ponce.

From the jury report:
Small but overwhelming debut that provides insight into a large repressive world. The talented director connects chilling witchcraft with state corruption, in a story in which characters are forced to move heaven and earth under time pressure, set in an almost timeless, surreal world that resounds in the sinister score.

Competition en jury Méliès short film

The Méliès d’argent is awarded on behalf of the Méliès International Festivals Federation (MIFF) to the best European feature film and short film.

  • My Friend Who Shines in the Night – Simon Cadilhac, Grégoire de Bernouis (Frankrijk/France 2020)
  • Night of the Living Dicks – Ilja Rautsi (Finland 2020)
  • Other – Shanice Kamminga (Nederland/The Netherlands 2020)
  • Parking Sensor – Ray Kermani (België/Belgium 2020)
  • Pilar – Diana van Houten (Nederland/The Netherlands 2020)
  • Prince of Hearts – Randy Duursma (Nederland/The Netherlands 2020)
  • Serratus – Maarten Groen (Nederland/The Netherlands 2020)
  • Snorrie – Victoria Warmerdam (Nederland/The Netherlands 2021)
  • Solution for Sadness – Marc Martinez Jordan (Spanje/Spain 2020)
  • A Tale Best Forgotten – Tomas Stark (Zweden/Sweden 2020)
  • Terug naar Zotteken Waes – Lobke de Boer (Nederland/The Netherlands 2020)
  • They Salivate – Ariane Boukerche (Frankrijk/France 2020)
  • You Will Never Be Back – Mónica Mateo (Spanje/Spain 2020)
  • Abracitos – Tony Morales (Spanje/Spain 2020)
  • Bird Lady – Susie Jones (VK/UK 2020)
  • A Boring Day in Hell – Ayla Spaans (Nederland/The Netherlands 2020)
  • Camouflage – Remco Polman (Nederland/The Netherlands 2021)
  • The Confession of Beuningen – Arjen Schotel (Nederland/The Netherlands 2021)
  • The Departure – Nico van den Brink (Nederland/The Netherlands 2020)
  • Echthaar – Dominic Kubisch (Oostenrijk/Austria 2020)
  • Heart of Gold – Simon Filliot (Frankrijk/France 2020)
  • Inside Voices – Kiko Morah (Nederland/The Netherlands 2020)
  • Little Miss Fate – Joder von Rotz (Zwitserland/Switzerland 2020)
  • The Man and the Head – Nilas Røpke Driessen (Denemarken/Denmark 2019)

The jury for the Méliès d’argent for short films awarded the prize to Heart of Gold (Un cœur d’or) by French director Simon Fillion.

From the jury report:

“Heart of Gold is both a feast for the eyes and a poignant socially urgent film. With an underlying theme of class differences, the film confronts the viewer with questions such as: whose own body belongs and whether everything is for sale?

The jury: filmmaker Jan Verdijk (winner in 2019), dramaturge and script editor Gwyneth Sleutel and cameraman Aziz Al-Dilaimi.

Competition and jury Méliès d’Argent  for the best European fantastic film

This prize is awarded on behalf of the Méliès International Festivals Federation.
This year’s competition consisted of:

  • Censor – Prano Bailey-Bond (Verenigd Koninkrijk 2021)
  • CODE NAME: Nagasaki – Fredrik S. Hana (Noorwegen 2020)
  • Cross the Line – David Victori (Spanje 2020)
  • Hunted – Vincent Paronnaud (Frankrijk, België 2020)
  • Ich-Chi – Kostas Marsaan (Rusland 2020)
  • Meander – Mathieu Turi (Frankrijk 2020)
  • Mother Schmuckers – Harpo Guit, Lenny Guit (België 2021)
  • Sleep – Michael Venus (Duitsland 2019)
  • Sputnik – Egor Abramenko (Rusland 2020)
  • The Woman with the Leopard Shoes – Alexis Bruchon (Frankrijk 2020)

The jury: LAB111 programmer Tom Ooms, journalist Ard Vijn and director Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.

The feature film jury awarded Censor by British director Prano Bailey-Bond.

From the jury report:
“Censor is so well made and so well acted that you can appreciate the film for that alone. But [for horror fans] the film is also a veritable treasure trove of references and hidden hints. All judges are looking forward to what else director Prano Bailey-Bond has in store.”



Previous winners Méliès d’Argent
2020: Dogs Don’t Wear Pants – Jukka-Pekka Valkeapää

2019: O Beautiful Night – Xavier Böhm
2018: The Place – Paolo Genovese
2017: Skins – Eduardo Casanova
2016: The Survivalist – Stephen Fingleton
2015: Liza, The Fox-Fairy – Károly Ujj Mészáros

Competitie Silver Scream Award

The Silver Scream Award is Imagine’s infamous and coveted audience prize. During the online festival in 2021, the audience could vote digitally after watching a film.

The jury: the Imagine audience.

The audience of Imagine 2021 chose the feel-good film Alien on Stage by Lucy Harvey and Danielle Kummer.

The top-ten of 2021:

  1. Alien on Stage
  2. Vicious Fun
  3. Mandibles
  4. Caveat
  5. AV the Hunt (shared with Coming Home in the Dark)
  6. Coming Home in de Dark (shared with AV the Hunt)
  7. Sputnik
  8. Hunted/ Cosmogonie
  9. Lapsis
  10. Red Screening/ Al Morir la Matinee