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European Genre Forum

The European Genre Forum (EGF) is a collaboration between the Imagine, Fantastic Zagreb and Black Nights Film Festivals. 

The European Genre Forum is a collaboration between the Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn, Fantastic Zagreb and the Imagine Fantastic Film Festival in Amsterdam. Established in 2014, the aim of the EGF is to provide coherent and sector-wide training for European professionals working in fantastic film – a fast-growing industry across Europe that remains distinctly different from the general film industry. The main differences are the specific requirements for creative and business development, production characteristics and the networks of distribution and exploitation.

The training cycle consists of three talent labs that take place over six months: a Directing Lab in July (during Fantastic Zagreb, Croatia), a Producing Lab in October/November (during Imagine in Amsterdam), and a Sales & Packaging Lab in November (during Black Nights in Tallinn, Estonia).

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