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About Imagine

Imagine is the largest film festival for fantastic film in the Netherlands, showcasing the best in fantasy, horror and science fiction. Imagine is all about the imagination. Every year we try to challenge our audience to think through the imagination about the future of people and society. The power of the fantastic film is used here: it allows you to discover future worlds, develop a different view of reality, explore the unknown and thus broaden your view.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”


Imagine sees the fantastic genre as a rich source of thought experiments, often anticipating or reflecting on social and technological developments. In in-depth programs, the festival offers backgrounds, history and context, and connects fantastic film with current developments in society.

Imagine brings together filmmakers, guests, journalists and the general public. We identify new talent, present new work by established makers and show classics and forgotten gems. In addition, we offer Dutch filmmakers a platform for their projects and put them in the international spotlight.

Imagine is an (mostly) accessible and public-friendly festival, in which the public is actively involved. We present serious topics, but always in an attractive and approachable way. The festival program is a mix of films, workshops, masterclasses, games and more, for a variety of visitors. With a 38-year history and extensive network, Imagine acts as a curator and guide for newcomers and seasoned genre fans alike.


General Director
Chris Oosterom

Business Leader
Toon Verheugen

Head Marketing & Communication
Rabia Sitabi

Eva Rijs

Celia Pouzet
Clio Leeuwenburgh
Eddy Appels
Esther Schmidt
Evrim Ersoy
Inez de Coo
Kiko Morah
Stanislaw Liguzinski

Content Manager
Loïs Cheuk-a-lam

Online Campaign Manager
Sasha Bunink

Web editor / Newsletter
Lauren Murphy

Festival Daily / Copy 
Phil van Tongeren

Julia Damberg
Gabriel Ercicia (VR)

Volunteers coördinator
Merante Izaaks-Koot (Stichting KEES)

Katja Vercouteren

Film handeling 
Fien van Weersel

Triple P Entertainment

Supervisory Board
Bastiaan Driessen
Géke Roelink
Jeanine Hage (treasurer)
Sanne Lohof
Soraya Titaley
Taco Stomps (chairman)


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Imagine Film Festival is an affiliate member of the Méliès International Festivals Federation


We are looking for bad-ass interns for our festival in October! Would you like to participate in the Netherlands’ largest genre film festival? Check out our vacancies here. 

Terrorific prestige

Two jury prizes for features are awarded at Imagine: the Black Tulip and the Méliès d’Argent. There is also the prize of the Imagine audience, the coveted Silver Scream Award.