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At present, our educational program is only available in Dutch

Imagine if… Imagine Film Festival is all about the imagination. Imagination that takes you to new worlds and makes you look at our own world differently. This is an important skill for all children. Imagine uses the power of the Fantastic film for thought experiments about the future of people and society, often in the light of technological innovation and its consequences. It helps us to answer questions such as ‘How does nature influence our survival as humans?’ or ‘Can AI improve humanity?’, but also ‘How do you tell a short story in a cinematic way?’ The topics within the curriculum make the lessons suitable not only for art and culture classes, but also for social studies, philosophy, Dutch, or natural sciences.

Because of the content of the films, our education programs focus on upper secondary education and senior secondary vocational education. Lessons can take place in the classroom through Lesson-Up or through a visit to the cinema.

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