European Genre Forum

The European Genre Forum (EGF) is a collaboration between the Imagine, Fantastic Zagreb and Black Nights Film Festivals. In 2021, EGF will run three Labs in Amsterdam (April), Zagreb (July) and Tallinn (November). In between labs, there are online feedback points.

The objective of the EGF is to provide comprehensive cross sector and film life cycle training for professionals working in European fantastic film – a rapidly growing pan-European industry that is still distinctively different from the general film industry. Its unique requirements for creative and fiscal development, production characteristics and distribution and monetizing networks have created a dedicated infrastructure of markets, festivals and – now – training.


The cycle consists of three talent labs throughout 2021. Together, the labs will increase the level of the participating projects in every aspect: creatively, financially, legally and in terms of access to the market.

THE DIRECTING LAB takes place in April during the Imagine Film Festival in Amsterdam and focuses on script development and other artistic aspects of the projects.

THE PRODUCTION LAB  in July takes place during Fantastic Zagreb and is aimed at the business side, with coproduction and legal aspects among its topics.

THE MARKETING AND PACKAGING LAB in November is part of the Industry@Tallinn programme of the Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn and is focusing on pitching, packaging, marketing and sales.

The EGF training cycle is aimed at European first or second feature film director/producer teams developing a genre film project. Eight projects will be selected and the participants will attend all talent labs.