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Imagine turns 40 – Join the party!

Imagine is the festival for fantastic film in the Netherlands. Celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2024, we present the best in fantasy, horror, science fiction, anime, martial arts and cult cinema. The Imagine Expanded section presents for XR, games and other digital arts. Panels, masterclasses and talks, exhibitions and workshops provide deeper insights and a wider perspective, while our Halloween party provides a different type of energy.

The 40th Imagine Film Festival takes place from 24 October to 3 November 2024 at LAB111 and De FilmHallen, in the heart of Amsterdam.

To join the celebrations, we call on makers of short and feature films, animation, documentary, VR, AR and games working in the fantastic genre to submit their work.


Terms and conditions:

Feature films:

–           Production years 2023 or 2024

–           Minimum length 60 minutes

–           Deadline for submission: 16 August 2024

–           Rough cuts and works in progress are accepted


Short films:

–           Production years 2023 or 2024

–           Maximum length 30 minutes (25 minutes to be included in the Méliès competition)

–           Deadline for submission: 19 July 2024

–           Rough cuts and works in progress are accepted


All films:

– Screeners have to be in the English or Dutch language or have to have English or Dutch subtitles.

– Not eligible are films that have screened or will be screened prior to Imagine in other festivals in the Netherlands, films that have been broadcast or will be broadcast before the end of the next festival, and films that are publicly available online.

– The festival has the sole right of selection and in no way can submission provide any right of selection. Decisions by the event organizers are final.

– Submission fees are non-refundable.