A family, haunted by the spirit of the dead mother, is eventually forced to fight an army of zombies in this blood-curdling family drama.

Early eighties. A family of five is haunted by the spirit of the dead mother who, as it turns out, was a member of a satanic cult. While the corpses pile up, only grandma's spirit seems to be able to offer some protection. Eventually the family is forced to fight an army of zombies in this exciting and blood-curdling family drama.

This expertly crafted horror story, actually an update of the 1980 film of almost the same name, keeps a delicate balance between western haunted house horror and indigenous folklore. Particularly interesting is the fact that the family is presented as virtually non-believing, in an otherwise predominantly religious environment. The family dynamic, with the daughter having the main part, is well-handled and believable. Tension is built up in a subtle way: with apparitions that could be the stuff of hallucinations or nightmares. By the time the family is forced into battle against the forces of Evil, Satan's Slaves turns into full-blown zombie mayhem.

Drama, Horror, Mystery
106 minuten
(English ondertiteld)
Joko Anwar
Bront Palarae, Dimas Aditya, Endy Arfian, Muhammad Adhiyat, Nasar Anuz, Tara Basro