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For those who can’t get enough of horribly good films and terrifyingly fine specials: we have a lot to offer today. In Nieuw Nederlands Peil, we have brought together 6 home-grown gems for you. We would also like to bring one of our specials to the attention, and we have the intermediate position of the Silver Scream Award again!


Silver Scream Award Wednesday 14 April

1 | Caveat
2 | Mandibles
3 | Hunted/ Cosmogonie
4 | Red Screening/ Al morir la matinee
5 | Lapsis
6 | Sputnik
7 | AV the Hunt
8 | Undergods
9 | Sllep/ Schlaf
10 | Teddy


Have you watched a movie? Don’t forget to vote for the Silver Scream Award. After the film, keep your page open for a while, then you can leave your rating.

These are our tips for today:

Dutch beauties during Imagine

Today, the second series of Nieuw Nederlands Peil is on the menu. Six films full of ominous events, vengeful and murderous women, cannibalism, bounty hunters and childhood friends. It will be scrumptious!

More info en tickets

Imagine X Vers: Science fiction at your fingertips (Dutch)

Much science fiction is not made in the Netherlands. The biggest obstacle appears to be the budget needed to credibly portray a future or alien world. But is that really so? On this evening we look at how good and credible science fiction is possible with a modest budget.

More information and tickets

Imagine Film Festival X Butcher’s Tears

Festival beer not drinkable? We, together with Butcher’s Tears, are changing that. These tough brewers have put together an Imagine beer box especially for you, making this 37th edition meomorable. Order it online via the link below:
Order your beers now

Mangkujiwo – available from 7:30 pm

This year at Imagine we have the fantastic theme program Ghosts and Demons in the Indonesian Genrefilm. In addition to specials, we have a selection of films that have already caused quite a stir among our audience. Horror like you’ve never seen it, are you dazed to watch?

Tickets and information

The Bloodhound with Q&A and In the Mirrors – available from 5:00 PM

The Bloodhound puts a childhood friendship to the test. A Lynchian mystery in which dream, fantasy and reality merge into a hazy cloud.
After seeing the short In The Mirrors, you don’t even dare to face your own reflection anymore.

Info and tickets

Blood Conscious

A young woman, her brother and her fiancé set off to her parents’ lakeside cottage expecting a leisurely weekend getaway. But they find the house empty and both parents shot dead, among many others. An armed man appears, accusing them of being the demons he’s been hunting. The Thing meets Get Out in tense and super entertaining horror.
More info and tickets

These were the tips for today, but we have a lot more for you. View the full program here.