Guilt-ridden immigrant faces a disturbing household in a one of a kind movie trip that feels and sounds truly great.

Tomas is a proud, hard-working, highly intelligent immigrant, riddled with guilt. After his place catches fire, he is placed in a house run by Magda, who takes care of her disabled mother. Soon, Tomas finds out that something is seriously wrong in the household. One of a kind movie trip creates a gripping world that feels and sounds truly great. 

The debut feature of actress-director Romola Garai uses space, set design and, most importantly, editing and sound design in a very creative way. 
The style of the film, speeding forward in a series of fast, abrupt cuts, adds to the general confusion and eeriness of the story. There are at least two major twists in Amulet and the second of these turns the table on us and the main protagonist completely, making us re-evaluate our position towards particular characters. The ending packs some crazy over-the-top imagery that makes Amulet a one-of-a-kind type movie trip. Amulet manages to create a gripping story-world, that feels and sounds truly great.

99 minuten
Romola Garai
Alec Secareanu, Carla Juri, Imelda Staunton