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The Silver Scream Award is Imagine’s notorious audience award. Get involved and let your voice be heard! After the film credits follows the online voting form that you can fill in. WAIT FOR IT!

After a year of absence, he is back: Imagine’s most coveted prize, the Silver Scream Award from our audience. Illustrious winners like [REC], Donnie Darko, Spirited Away and The Raid will get a sequel that you can control. How does it work this year? The voting form appears after the credits of the film. You can enter this directly. Note: you can only give your vote after watching the film, not via this website!


Find the movie you watched in the dropdown and rate it using 5 options:
5 = very good | 4 = good | 3 = so-so | 2 = bad | 1 = hopeless.

We only include movies that have received more than 15 ratings to make the top 10 as fair as possible. We put the current top 10 on our website every day, after the festival we publish the definite top 10.