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Have you recovered from your first two Imagine days yet? Hopefully you have because today we have another day filled to brim with something for everyone: from the Russian sci-fi Sputnik to the bizarre #ShakespeareShitstorm. Can’t pick? No worries, all Imagine 2021 films are available for a 48 hour period, which means you can keep watching all day and night so you won’t have to miss anything!

Have you watched a movie? Don’t forget to put in your vote for the Silver Scream Award. Stay on the page until after the credits roll and you will able to leave your rating of the film you just watched.

This is on the schedule today at Imagine 2021:

VR Scarecrow – available between 9 en 13 april

The most compelling experience of the 2020 Sundance and Raindance festivals comes back exclusively for Imagine as live one-on-one VR immersive theatre with an actor performing live from South Korea as an avatar in a social VR platform – VR Chat – allowing up to two participants to join in at one time.

Click for more info and to book a timeslot! 

Anything for Jackson – available from 17:00

Elderly couple use supernatural forces to bring their dead grandson back in original horror comedy with endearing and emotional touches.  Click here for tickets and more info

Sputnik – available from 17:00

Sometime during the Cold War, a Soviet spacecraft crash lands. But its commander is not the only survivor in this compelling Russian movie. Click here for tickets and more info,

#ShakespeareShitstorm – available from 19:30

Troma legend Lloyd Kaufman is back as both director and star of this irreverent take on Shakespeare’s The Tempest, featuring a lot of… shit. Click here for tickets and more info

Mandibles – available from 19:30

Two guileless good-for-nothings want to tame a giant fly in a fresh and contrarious comedy, a Dumb and Dumber with a French twist.KClick here for tickets and more info 

The Queen of Black Magic – available from 19:30

In a remote orphanage the past comes to hunt the present in this outrageous and sometimes hilarious supernatural body count extravaganza. Click here for tickets and more info

Censor – available from 21:30

A horror film based on her traumatic past puts a film censor to the test. With its eighties setting a treat for the true horror fan. Click here for tickets and more info