Feature, 78min
Frankrijk, België, 2020
Frans (Dutch subtitles)

Director: Quentin Dupiex
Cast: Adèle Exarchapoulos, David Marsais, Grégoire Ludig, India Hair, Roméo Elvis
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

Two guileless good-for-nothings want to tame a giant fly in a fresh and contrarious comedy, a Dumb and Dumber with a French twist.

On their way to deliver a mysterious package to the equally mysterious Mister B., stoner buddies Manu and Jean-Gab hear a strange sound coming from the trunk of their car. It turns out to be a giant fly. The two decide to tame the animal in order to make lots of money with it. Fresh and contrarious comedy is a Dumb and Dumber with a French twist. 

Quentin Dupieux made a name for himself among a select audience with the absurdist films Rubber and Wrong, before finding his way to a larger audience with Deerskin. What’s remarkable is that he managed to do this while staying true to his idiosyncratic imagination and style, and this hilarious comedy is no different. The scenario of Mandibules has its very own logic and seems to move from one unlikely situation to the next. It’s the two guileless good-for-nothings who keep everything together, while casually stealing the hearts of the audience along the way. The end result is a fresh and contrarious film, a Dumb and Dumber with a French twist.