The weekend has started and we can’t imagine a better way to spend it than watching a (sh*t) load of movies. We have a lot to choose from today, and remember: all Imagine 2021 films are available for a 48 hour period, which means you can keep watching all day and night so you won’t have to miss anything!

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This is on the schedule today at Imagine 2021:

Living with the Monster, Uncanny Intimacy – panel discussion – Start: 14:00

The relationship between humans and AI is becoming increasingly intimate: we sleep with it, we tell it our secrets, we make babies with it and we avert death with it.  What opportunities does this offer humanity and what are the risks lurking under the surface? Note: this special is not on demand and starts at 14:00h
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Comedy Shorts – available from 15:00 

Fancy some good laughter? We’ve got 7 comedy shorts for you to enjoy. They are filled with dicks, me-too revenge, knocked out teeth and food for thought. 
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Slate – available from 15:00

In a parallel world, stunt double Yeon-hee is mistaken for a superhero in this endearing, feel-good take on the martial arts genre.
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The Trouble With Being Born – available from 15:00

Understated, intelligent and provocative sci-fi from Austria. Director Sandra Woolmer won the Special Jury Award at the Berlin Film Festival in 2020.
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Code Name Nagasaki & Incarnation – available from 17:00

In Code Name Nagasaki, a filmmaker goes on an epic quest, in a truly unique documentary channelling real life by way of fantastic cinema. In Incarnation, A conman refuses to believe that the nice old lady sitting opposite him at the bar is a centuries-old vampire, yet he’s starting to feel more and more uncomfortable. And that’s not the only surprising revelation this short has in store for the viewer.

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Hunted (Cosmogonie) – available from 17:00

After being kidnapped by two psychopaths, Eve manages to escape and hides in a forest. A wild and grueling cat-and-mouse-game ensues.
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Living With the Monster: Searching for Synergy (panel discussion) – start: 17:00h

All doom scenarios aside: what endless possibilities are in store for the relationship between human beings and AI? Can there be a new perspective, a society in which humanity and technology increasingly converge and reinforce one another? And will we have to readjust our idea of AI for that to be possible?
Note: this special is not on demand and starts at 17:00h  Click here for tickets and more info

Lapsis – start: 19:30h

Ray takes on a job as a cabler for a quantum tech company in this cool anarchist take on Black Mirror.
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Mother Schmuckers +  Snake Dick- start: 19:30h
Mother Schmuckers: 24 hours in the absurd and adventurous lives of two good for nothing brothers… and their mother’s dog. Hilarious, anarchist comedy pulls no punches.
In Snake Dick, two girls with car trouble stop at a deserted gas station where they get harassed by two drunks. The women know exactly how to handle a situation like that. Horror comedy with a touch of Nicolas Winding Refn. Click here for tickets and more info

Red Screening – start: 19:30h
Beautiful gritty cinematography, great gore, inventive kills and superb use of a single location, Red Screening has it all. Stylistically it’s an obvious nod to giallo, with its black gloved killer, its Dario Argento movie posters and its synthesizer music. It’s a retro slasher for dark and rainy nights.  Click here for tickets and more info

Possessor – start: 21:30h

A corporate parasite is trapped in a body that threatens her identity in tightly scripted body horror from Cronenberg jr. Tasya Vos is a corporate parasite who uses brain implant technology to inhabit other people’s bodies, driving them to commit assassinations for the benefit of the company. When something goes wrong on a routine job, she finds herself trapped inside a man whose identity threatens to obliterate her own.
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