A hooded killer is on the loose in a gorgeous old school movie theatre, in a giallo inspired retro slasher for dark and rainy nights.

At a midnight screening in a near-empty old film theater in Montevideo, a young projectionist takes over the night shift from her father. Little does she know that a hooded killer has locked himself in with the remaining visitors and is offing them one by one.

Beautiful gritty cinematography, great gore, inventive kills and superb use of a single location, Red Screening has it all. And what a location it is, the kind of old-school theatre genre fans love, with the kinds of late-night folk the fans know: the couple making out in the back seat, the lonely single man, a kid who's up past his bedtime, the stoners laughing and screeching at every kill in the horror film-in-a-horror-film on screen. Stylistically it's an obvious nod to giallo, with its black gloved killer, its Dario Argento movie posters and its synthesizer music. It’s a retro slasher for dark and rainy nights. 

86 minuten
Uruguay, Argentinië
(English ondertiteld)
Maximiliano Contenti
Franco Duran, Julieta Spinelli, Luciana Grasso, Pedro Duarte, Ricardo Islas