The relationship between humans and AI is becoming increasingly intimate: we sleep with it, we tell it our secrets, we make babies with it and we avert death with it.  What opportunities does this offer humanity and what are the risks lurking under the surface? 

In the TV series Dev, one of the brightest minds in Silicon Valley really just wants to bring his little girl back to life. In Marjorie Prime (2017), someone orders an exact copy of a late loved one, who is fed with data from the life of the deceased. You will find similar ideas in the controversial The Trouble with Being Born and Empty Body, both screened at Imagine this year. It’s trendy in real life as well: funeral companies offer holograms, so you can (continue to) be face to face with your loved ones even after their death, and makers experiment with AI séances and virtual IVF.
In a panel discussion with philosopher Naomi Jacobs, (film)makers and futurologists, we will discuss the effects of AI on our (intimate) relations and the pros and cons of ‘eternal life’, as well as how this prevents any actual farewells.

90 minuten