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Time flies when you’re having fun! Suddenly it is Thursday already and we only have 2 festival days left. As always, our program is filled to the brim with the very best films and specials untill the very last festival day. We have a number of tips for you, but don’t forget to check out today’s full program. 


Silver Scream Award Thursday 15 April

1 | Caveat
2 | Mandibles
3 | Hunted/ Cosmogonie
4 | Red Screening/ Al morir la matinee
5 | Lapsis
6 | Sputnik
7 | AV the Hunt
8 | Undergods
9 | Sleep/ Schlaf
10 | Teddy


Did you watch a movie? Don’t forget to vote for the Silver Scream Award. Vergeet niet te stemmen voor de Silver Scream Award. 

These are today’s tips:

Imagine and the Roze filmdagen present: Playdurizm

Demir, a gay young man, wakes up with no memories of things that have happened before. It turns out he lives with the handsome Andrew and his cocaine-addicted girlfriend Drew (and their pet: a pig). When Demir becomes obsessed with Andrew, he wants nothing more than to become one with his idol. But what’s really going on now? You can assume that the answer to that question will give new meaning to the word weird.
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Panel Inclusiviteit (in Dutch)

Today we have an interesting and topical panel discussion. The tagline of Jordan Peele’s explosive debut film Get Out (opening film for Imagine in 2017) could not have said it more striking: Just because you’re invited, doesn’t mean you’re welcome. There is still a lot to say about being welcome, knowing the rules and finding your place and that is what we will do during this panel discussion

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Outsiders Shorts

Six beautiful outsider shorts that are completely out of this world, featuring 6th century priests, cosmic powers and distant planets.

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VR Lovestory

Our VR program is also something you don’t want to miss online. Today we have VR Lovestory for you. The concept behind the experience is derived from the interest in the science fiction films of the 80s and 90s such as The Lawnmower Man, Akira or The Fourth Dimension. The main emphasis of the action is a motion-captured intercourse between real people which constitutes the core of the experience. The players can choose to hijack those bodies and embody the experience. Do you dare to join?
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Imagine Film Festival X Butcher’s Tears

Festival beer horrificly and undrinkable? Imagine and Butcher’s Tears are changing that. Especially for you, these tough brewers have put together an Imagine beer box, which will make this 37th edition a memorial one. Order it online via the link below:
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Fried Barry

Barry is a useless husband and an indifferent father to his son. He walks the streets of Cape Town, uses drugs (a lot), has sex (a lot) and occasionally makes his way back home. When Barry’s desire to get high is taken to the next level, a new version of himself returns. Utterly weird, this kaleidoscopic nocturnal road trip has cult written all over it.
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These were our tips for today. But: there’s more! View our full programme here