A gay young man wakes up to a new and disturbing reality in a film that gives new meaning to the word weird.

A gay young man, Demir, awakes with no recollection of prior events. It turns out he’s living with stud Andrew and his coked-up girlfriend Drew (and their pet pig). As Demir becomes obsessed with Andrew, he wants nothing more but to become one with his idol. But what is really going on? Bet on it that the answer to that gives new meaning to the word weird.

Playdurizm offers interesting thoughts on pop culture, celebrity worship and fucked-up sexual relationships and it’s definitely one of the boldest directorial debuts we've seen in recent years. It's also a trashy, funny, gross, colourful and intense horror-fantasy-comedy that mixes Videodrome, Dead Ringers, Donnie Darko, O, Beautiful Night and Deliverance with the work of painter Francis Bacon. And if it all seems quite overwhelming, wait for the emotional shattering reveal at the end. Directed by 23-year-old Turkish/Czech director Gem Deger, who also plays his own lead, Playdurizm will certainly appeal to the more adventurous viewer. A film that gives new meaning to the word weird.

Drama, Fantasy
88 minuten
Turks, Engels
Gem Deger
Austin Chunn, Gem Deger, Issy Stewart