Special, 100min

Genre: Talkshow, VR

The concept behind the experience is derived from the interest in the science fiction films of the 80s and 90s such as The Lawnmower Man, Akira or The Fourth Dimension. Those early depictions of VR contained seeds of transhumanist ideas of transgressing the body and connecting people's feelings directly in a virtual reimagining of body structures and their motor skills.

The project is a response to a current health situation, which imposed severe limitations on our interpersonal contacts and triggered us to look for alternatives in the virtual space. The main emphasis of the action is a motion-captured intercourse between real people which constitutes the core of the experience. The players can choose to hijack those bodies and embody the experience, becoming what Tibetan mysticism calls 'Tulpa' - a 'magical vanity', 'apparition' or 'thought-shape'.


Inexsistens  (https://inexsistens.com)
Jakub Wróblewski, Przemysław Danowski, Andrei Isakov, Piotr Kucia.
Choreography: Magdalena Przybysz.
Technological partner HTC VIVE support by Bemix Media Group
Mocap support Bones Studio


Liwia Bargieł
In 2010 graduated from Trinity Laban Contemporary Dance Conservatoire in London, BA(hons) Dance Theatre. Since then she has worked with variuose choreographers, such as Caroline Finn, Gullherme Bothelo, Ula Sickle among others. Liwia works as a choreographer with many theaters in Poland, such as National Theater Warsaw, Music Theater Gdynia, Theater Ateneum Warsaw, Theater Chorea Łódź. She directed two pieces for National Academy of Dramatic Arts in Warsaw: Illuminations and Witzelsucht. Her own works were presented in Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Mexico, Italy, Czech Republic. In 2020 she recived a PhD in Dramatic Arts.

Bartłomiej Kiełbowicz (1985) – a visual artist. Graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw Painting deprtament. Currently, toghter with prof.Paweł Bołtryk, he runs Studio 55 drawing faculty. Individual exhibitions: Sublimation (Biała Gallery, Lublin 2020), The Construction Journal (Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw 2014) and I've been living in somebody‘‘s dream (Contrast Gallery, Warsaw 2018). Collective exhibitions, Summer (Roberto Polo Gallery, Brussels 2015), Borderline (Drawing Triennale, Contemporary Museum, Wrocław 2019), We are the people (Labirynt Gallery Lublin 2020) and Magical Revisionism (Propaganda Gallery, Warsaw 2020).