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A busy friday

The first screening of Vesper concluded with a Q&A with the film’s directors, Bruno Samper and Kristina Buozyte. There was an Artist Talk van Lisa Messeri  at LAB111 on how our understanding of what it means to be human is changed by the abundance of virtual worlds. Imagine had the honor of hosting the world premiere of Sputum  during the festival. Director Dan Geesin was also on hand to close Sputum with a Q&A. Korean Night kicked off where Hunt and Project Wolf Hunting were screened, with Korean snacks galore for guests. Director Kim Hongsun of Project Wolf Hunting attended the screening of his film and gave an introduction as well as a Q&A to close at the end. An additional screening has been scheduled for Lee Jung-jae’s film Hunt on Sunday, Oct. 30 at 11:30 at the FilmHallen with English subtitles.

And an overflowing Saturday

There are great films, master classes, talks, and even a world premiere scheduled again today. The Wild Wild Rose  from the Myths of the World: Hong Kong program sets the tone for the day well with Grace Chang in one of her most mesmerizing roles. Another Hong Kong film showing today was the best-attended film in Hong Kong in 2002, Infernal Affairs. The World Hopping Tours finally kick off at Galerie Beeldend Gesproken Room 3 in the Hallen. Audiences are invited to a series of unique live tours of the most exciting virtual worlds currently in existence. Of course, there are a plethora of other VR Experiences throughout the festival that support this year’s theme, World Hopping. During Imagine, The Dutch Association of Visual Effects Professionals (NVX) and the festival join forces for the fifth time for a cool masterclass. The Masterclass: Where Special Make-up and VFX Meet will be given by Daniel Martin, aka 13 Fingers, and Murray Barber of Milk (both UK). Grady Hendrix will be at LAB111 kapel for his talk Hong Kong Doesn’t Exist, which is a tour of Hong Kong films and will show how this small colony built a kingdom of dreams out of empty land and shopping malls. In the afternoon, Imagine hosts the world premiere of Exhibit #8 in LAB111. It’s almost Halloween and Imagine will be celebrating! From 9 p.m. guests are welcome at cafê Strangelove located in LAB111. Entrance is free and don’t forget to come dressed up!

Silver Scream Award

Interim Score 29 October
1 | Spine of Night, The (9,250)
2 | Project Wolf Hunting (8,800)
3 | Barbarian (8,544)
4 | Vesper (8,476)
5 | Hunt (8,356)
6 | Black Minutes, The (8,313)
7 | Deadstream (8,172)
8 | Roundup, The (8,125)
9 | You Are Not My Mother (8,105)
10 | Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon (8,050)
11 | Something In the Dirt (8,043)
12 | Huesera (7,750)
13 | My Grandfather’s Demons (7,652)
14 | Witch Part 2: The Other One, The (7,563)
15 | Silent Twins, The (7,525)
16 | Satan’s Slaves 2: Communion (7,417)
17 | Leonor Will Never Die (7,047)
18 | Taking, The (7,000)
19 | V/H/S/99 (7,000)
20 | Shin Ultraman (6,940)
21 | Earwig (6,932)
22 | Silent Forest, The (6,813)
23 | Ajagajantharam (6,375)
24 | Swallowed (6,250)
25 | Day Zero (4,516)