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First full day is over!

Yesterday was the first full day of Imagine! To kick things off, our well known guest Grady Hendrix gave us a wonderful introduction to the Hong Kong films Dream Home and The Wild Wild Rose.  More from Grady Hendrix can be seen during Imagine, so be sure to check out the program!

The film Huesera was accompanied by a lovely introduction by Kier-La Janisse, whose work and expertise closely match the themes of the film. Before the start, she surprised us with some copies of her best-known book “House of Psychotic Women: An Autobiographical Topography of Female Neurosis in Horror and Exploitation Films”. The books were available during a book signing session in LAB111.

In addition, the panel in collaboration with SPUI25 dissected the intersection of beauty, bioengineering and genetic modification, leading to a heated but incredibly interesting discussion. During the evening, the 48 Hour Film Project x Imagine short films were completed and experienced their debut on the big screen! In a sparkling awards show, the winning team got to receive the award of the very first edition of the 48hfp x Imagine. One of the films that closed the first full day of Imagine this year was Barbarian, which immediately took a position at the top of the box-office as soon as it was released in its home country the US! A perfect movie to end the evening with.

Today: Friday 28 October

Today Imagine brings you even more! Awaken nostalgia from within, the Ultraman TV episodes will start the day warmly. Imagine is screening four episodes from the series that aired on Japanese television in 1964. The episodes were chosen by Hideako Anno, the director of Shin Ultraman,and restored at 4K.

Ajagajantharam brings us South Indian flavor with a film in which a conflict surrounding an elephant gets completely out of hand.

The Heroic Trio, in a restored, beautiful new version, is Johnnie To’s love letter to the comics and wuxia of his youth. A masterpiece that you must see on the big screen! The film really shows the bravery of the women in Hong Kong film. It is a film with a dazzling abundance of stunts including sword fights and everything bold, performed by the actors themselves!

Today’s program features an Artist Talk by Lisa Messeri, associate professor of assistant sociocultural anthropology at Yale University, asking how, at a time when virtual worlds abound, our understanding of what it means to be human is changing.

Coming from regular supplier South Korea this year include the action film Hunt and the genre bender Project Wolf Hunting. To be seen as a double bill during Korea Night. Korean snacks will be provided by Shilla! And if that wasn’t enough, director Kim Hong-Seon of Project Wolf Hunting will be present at the screening of his film at Korean Night!

Another special screening that will close the day is the screening of From Beyond in collaboration with Straight to Video. VHS collectors Lieuwe and Eric will spin their own videotapes from an analog VCR during Straight toVideo, with glitches, trailers, blood and beer! On this special Imagine edition watch From Beyond, a tasty gore horror film from 1986 that fits perfectly with Lab Rats! Grotesque body horror with a campy wink from the glory days of the video age.

Silver Scream Award Interim Score

1 | My Grandfather’s Demons (8,594)
2 | Barbarian (8,544)
3 | Black Minutes, The (8,313)
4 | Deadstream (8,172)
5 | Roundup, The (8,125)
6 | Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon (8,050)
7 | Huesera (7,750)
8 | Satan’s Slaves 2: Communion (7,417)
9 | Leonor Will Never Die (7,047)
10 | Taking, The (7,000)
11 | Shin Ultraman (6,940)
12 | Earwig (6,932)