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Straight To Video: Miami Connection

Friday 24 June

21:30 – 23:05


Straight to Video presents: Miami Connection

Miami Connection celebrates its 35th birthday this year. That’s really all the excuse we need for a one-time screening of this insane cult classic.

In Miami Connection, the rock band Dragon Sound is confronted with a ruthless drug lord and his army of ninja bikers. Fortunately, the band members all have black belts in taekwondo, so when they’re not on stage rocking sing-along anthems like ‘Against the Ninja’, they’re busy fighting the scum that’s flooding the streets with ‘stupid cocaine’!

Miami Connection quickly fell into oblivion after its flopped premiere. But a quarter of a century later, this unintentionally hilarious action film was rediscovered and re-released. By now, Miami Connection has achieved a cult status that can easily compare to titles like The Room and Troll 2.

This screening will be hosted by Straight to Video. At this monthly film night at LAB111, VHS freaks Lieuwe and Eric screen their favourite horror and cult films from the video era.