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It’s day 4 of the festival and the film market, and time for some first impressions.

Prior to the festival, we’ve been looking forward to the genre films in the festival programme. So far, two of these films turned out to be less suited to Imagine than we previously thought: Amat Escalante’s Perdidos en la noche (Lost in the Night) and Lisandro Alonso’s Eureka. They are not for our festival. Well within the fantastic universe are the aforementioned Tiger Stripes, sci-fi fantasy Animal Kingdom and hard to categorise entry The Sweet East. All of these films are on our list for now.  At the end of Cannes we’ll discuss the full list with the team. Then we’ll decide which films to request and which ones we keep under consideration for a bit longer.

In the meantime, there is a lot to see on the market as usual. In addition to that, we receive lots of screening links as a result of our meetings, all of which we will view after Cannes. It’s all sorts of things, from Danish serial killer thrillers to Korean action movies. Unfortunately, I can’t say much about these films: they have yet to get their first public screening and until then I have to keep my opinion to myself. I can only say that some market titles have also made it to our discussion list.

Today and tomorrow are also dedicated to work-in-progress: films that are almost ready and of which we can see a preview of 10 to 20 minutes. Today it’s the turn of fantastic films from Latin America, tomorrow we will see a mix of films from North America and Europe. With a bit of luck, some of them will be ready in the fall, and of course we hope that among them, there are films that we would like to have.

All in all, we go into the weekend in good spirits and with a full schedule!

Chris Oosterom