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Hatching (Pahanhautoja) with Q&A
Sunday 13 March
4:30 PM

True horror meets suburban satire in this Finnish gem that tells the story of Tinja, a young girl, her mother and the unusual visitor nesting within the strange egg she brings home. 

Tinja is a young gymnast living with her family in the suburbs, forever trying desperately to please her mother – a woman obsessed with sharing the perfection of her idyllic existence on her blog. When one day Tinja finds a strange egg in the woods and brings it home to look after it, the stage is set for a weird clash that’ll expose this family’s true face to themselves. 

Director Hanna Bergholm’s astonishing debut is a stunning satire deeply draped in the true language of horror films as well as an astute examination of the jagged edges of mother-daughter relationships. Set in a Stepford Wives like suburbia, the film’s astonishing introduction of the egg and its strange inhabitant only creates further intrigue and ratches up the tension until the inevitable hell is let loose upon the already frayed family. 

Boasting stunning performances from a game cast (but especially from brilliant newcomer Siiri Solalinna and Sophia Heikkilä as her somewhat monstrous mother) Hatching is a horror film with both smarts, soul and gore – a rare concoction that appeals to all our senses and repulses our heart in the most wonderful of ways. Do not miss the chance to meet Tinja and her strange egg on the big screen. 


Regie | Director : Hanna Bergholm
Finland, Zweden | Finland, Sweden 2021
Met | With: Siiri Solalinna, Sophia Heikkilä