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As part of our themeprogram ‘Ghosts and Demons in Indonesian Genrefilm’ we are happy to present ‘Jiwa Jiwa’ by Michael Sekan during Imagine 2021


During my stay in 2016 when I travelled around Java, Sumatra and Bali for 3 months. Visiting old family sights in and around Medan. Meeting up with friends and walking to their places in Jakarta Selatan. Getting food with friends in Bandung. Wandering the streets with no real purpose other than soaking in the culture and street life. Hopping from record store to record store and warung to warung. The music I just discovered playing in the back of my mind. This audiovisual installation is a representation of that feeling.

The visuals are by Tirai. A visual storytelling project dedicated to exploring the untold stories of Indonesia. They are taken from various works of theirs. Please consider checking out the stories behind these videos on they are nothing short of amazing and deserve way more views than they currently have.

These videos really resonated with me since they contain visuals that represent our shared colonial history. But also contain beautiful images of daily life. Not only the way you usually see it from the outside. But the way I felt like the real daily life was like.

The music accompanying these cinematics are by these respected artists and their works. All the music in this video is composed by artists from Indonesia.

The music was scored live to this audiovisual installation.

For more information or background on this project for Imagine Film Festival.
Please get in touch through jiwajiwa.comTerimah kasih,Michiel Sekan
Jiwa Jiwa

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