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This Halloween weekend is filled with the very best films that will make you sweat, shiver, cry and scream. Some highlights from today are Hostile Dimensions (with Q&A), The Exorcist 50th Anniversary and the sharp, funny and energetic debut film: Tiger Stipes.

There will be no fewer than two screenings tomorrow of The Boy and The Heron, for the first time our Nieuw Nederlands Peil 1 will be ready for screening and you will be able to test your nerves at The Vourdalak (met Q&A).

Check out the full schedule to see what other films and programs await you this weekend!

Silver Scream Awards

New standings, with a title on the second day that stands head and shoulders above the rest. With 9,357, Halfway Home even overtakes all-time leader Spirited Away (9,348), but on an extremely narrow basis (14 votes).

1 | Halfway Home (9,357)
2 | Humanist Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal Person (8,830)
3 | Vincent Must Die (8,809)
4 | Vermin (8,688)
5 | Wait, The (8,664)
6 | Kurayukaba (8,216)
7 | Roundup: No Way Out, The (8,081)
8 | White Plastic Sky (8,031)
9 | Subtraction (8,000)
10 | Monolith (7,949)