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When the brand new, smart robot vacuumcleaner ‘Sucker’ sees Eva for the first time, he instantly falls in love with her. But the intimate bond between these two will be brutally disrupted by Lars, her boyfriend.

Sucker tries to break up the couple without any remorse, for his love Eva. When Lars tries to reset Sucker to factory settings, he will give his all to achieve his ultimate goal.,

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By Imagine General

During four days, William Friedkin talked to Alexandre Philippe about The Exorcist. About paintings, music, classical films and many things that happened on set. Out of more than thirty hours of material, Philippe distilled a monologue that shows Friedkin is a master storyteller; hilarious, passionate and insightful, and at times touching as well.  

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48 Hour Film Project – Amsterdam Fantastic

By Industry

The teams worked hard for 48 hours to get their films finished on time and now they’re getting their premiere on the big screen! They were given a genre and three mandatory elements that had to be incorporated into the film. Come see what up-and-coming and established talent can do in little time.

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