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The Sadness
Saturday 12 March
9:30 PM

A virus creates a pandemic where the infected lose control of their inhibitions in a relentless, nihilistic horror film for the prepared horror fan. 

A pandemic, raging out of control, has enveloped Taiwan and the government refuses to act. The infected act out their wildest impulses, ultra-violence and gore mixed with uncontrolled sexual urges plunging the country into a nightmare. Meanwhile amidst the madness, a young couple, on the opposite ends of the city, are trying to reconnect.

Perhaps the most confrontational, transgressive and challenging midnight movie to come in ages, The Sadness is horror cinema dialled up to maximum…and then some. Shocking set-pieces escalate a sense of endless barbarity that forces the viewer into the same dystopian nightmare as its protagonists all the while commenting on the state of society we live in. Recommended only for the bravest, most seasoned horror veterans, The Sadness will sear itself onto your mind – once seen, never forgotten, this is extreme cinema at its finest.

Regie | Director: Rob Jabbaz
|Taiwan 2021
Met | With: Chen Ying-Ru, Ralf Chiu, Lan Wei-Hua