Mad God
Saturday 30 October
4:45 PM

VFX legend Phil Tippett spent thirty years working on this dystopian nightmare filled with monsters and cruelty.

A silent man in a steampunk outfit is lowered into a subterranean world populated by monsters and their sidekicks. The man disposes of them one by one, in gruesome ways. With virtually no dialogue or real story, VFX-legend Phil Tippett creates a dystopian nightmare filled with monsters and cruelty.

His creature design, character animation and stop-motion work on films like Star Wars, Robocop, Jurassic Park and Starship Troopers, earned Phil Tippett a legendary status in Hollywood. During the making of Robocop 2 he began working on this passion project, and after nearly thirty years it is finally completed. He uses his virtuosity in stop motion to create a hellish underground journey, influenced by steampunk, Dante and Hiëronymus Bosch. Cruelty is the norm in this chaotic, dystopian world, with nothing but contempt for fellow humans and nature. Tippett’s visual fireworks combined with Dan Wool’s music make Mad God an onslaught on the senses.


Regie | Director: Phil Tippett

VS | USA 2021


Met | With:  Alewx Cox, Nikita Roman , Satish Ratakonda