A young woman finds her place at home taken over by a stranger, in this disturbing psychological duel.

After years of absence, Aitane returns to her parents for a surprise visit, just before Christmas. An even bigger surprise awaits her there: her place has been taken over by a stranger who wears her clothes, sleeps in her bed and is treated like a daughter. Hurt and jealous, she starts to investigate. 

Real horror is your family, as becomes evident in this second film by directing duo Marisa Crespo and Moisés Romera. Aitana’s frustration is made poignantly clear, with a mother who aggressively cuts off any kind of inquiry. Gradually it becomes clear that Aitana has been keeping some secrets as well, which only serves to increase the tension. The film largely takes place inside, in crowded rooms where Christmas lights feel more macabre than festive. In that cramped space, Aitana’s Brazilian girlfriend, who travelled along with her, and their adopted child become increasingly caught between two hot-tempered and unpredictable camps.   

99 minutes
Catalaans, Spaans, Engels
(English Subtitles)
Marisa Crespo, Moises Roméra
Alfred Picó, Álvaro Báguena, Anna Kurika, Jorge Motos, Pilar Almería, Pilar Martínez, Roser Tapias, Yapoena Silva