Slow-burn neo-western with surprising, supernatural final act.

Elderly hunter Eladio has accepted a job as the supervisor of a large hunting estate in Andalusia, where he moves to with his wife and son. He receives strict instructions from the wealthy owner Don Francisco, and when he ignores those under pressure, a tragedy becomes inevitable. 

The director himself calls his film a ‘slow-burn supernatural neo-western set in Spain in the 1970s’. This is definitely supported by the setting of a family leading an isolated rural existence, and is kicked up an extra notch by the beautiful sun-drenched cinematography. But it’s in the details more than anything: the omnipresence of firearms with its accompanying macho culture and the intimate relationship between Eladio and his son Floren. And just when you think you know where the film is heading towards the end, Guitierrez has one more astounding and supernatural surprise in store for you.  

103 minutes
(English Subtitles)
Francisco Javier Gutiérrez
Antonio Estrada, José Luis Rasero, Luis Callejo, Manuel Morón, Moisés Ruiz, Nico Montoya, Pedro Casablanc, Ruth Díaz, Víctor Clavijo