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Inexorable with Q&A
Friday 11 March
7 PM

film poster inexorable

A young woman is not who she appears to be in a highly suspenseful, feverish thriller by master filmmaker Fabrice du Welz.

Successful author Marcel meets the young Gloria when she returns the dog of their youngest daughter Lucie. She’s asked to help Lucie and eventually hired as a live-in housekeeper. As a fan of Marcel’s bestseller Inexorable, Gloria is attracted to him and the feelings appear to be mutual. But inside Gloria lurks a danger that threatens to disrupt the lives of everyone who lives in the house.

Inexorable’s biggest qualities lie not so much in the story itself, which is more conventional than the horror of Calvaire or Vinyan. It’s more the way in which Du Welz serves up the slow disintegration of the wealthy family which makes Inexorable (literally: that from which we cannot escape) such a blood-curdling thriller. From the very first scene, the viewer suspects that something is hiding within the young Gloria, and layer after layer is removed until the brutal reality is exposed. In the saturated summer sunlight of his regular DoP Manuel Dacosse, a dark drama unfolds that knows only losers.


Regie | Director: Fabrice du Welz

Frankrijk | France 2021


Met | With: Benoît Poelvoorde, Alba Gaïa Bellugi, Mélanie Doutey, Janaïna Halloy