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For the 39th Imagine Film Festival, we call on makers of short and feature films, animation, documentary, VR, AR and games working in the fantastic genre to submit their work.

Imagine is the festival for fantastic film in the Netherlands. Now in its 39th year, Imagine presents the best in fantasy, horror, science fiction, anime, martial arts and cult cinema. With Imagine Expanded, we explore the digital side of the fantastic universe with games, AR, VR, installations and more.

A programme of panels, masterclasses and talks, exhibitions and workshops provide deeper insights and a wider perspective.

Festival dates for Imagine are 25 October to 4 November 2023. The festival takes place in LAB111, De FilmHallen en Galerie Beeldend Gesproken, all-in Amsterdam

For full details and to submit, please visit

We look forward to screening your work at Imagine 2023!