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    Imagine Film Festival @ EYE

    Imagine has ended... This summer we'll find the best, fantastic, extraordinary films for our new edition. Have a great summer and we'll see you all again in April 2015!

  • And the winners are...


    Black Tulip: COHERENCE
    MovieZone Imagine Award: CHEAP THRILLS
    Méliès d’Argent: DER SAMURAI
    Méliès d’Argent (short): RESET
    Time Capsule: LOOKING FOR LAIKA
    Syfy Silver Scream Award: JODOROWSKY'S DUNE

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  • BEST OF-programma bekend


    On the last day of Imagine 2014, the films with the highest audience numbers and ratings will be shown one more time. With, amongst others, The Raid 2, films by Terry Gilliam and Hayao Miyazaki, James McAvoy as a corrupt detective and Jake Gyllenhaal in an amazing double role.

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  • Scientific Masterclasses

    As part of our Fantastic Science programme, Imagine welcomes two prominent scientists, both with close links to fantastic cinema.
    On Thursday the 10th of April, American scientist Dr. David Kirby presents an overview of the relationship between scientists and the American film industry, entitled Lab Coats In Hollywood. In his lecture The Science of Hollywood, Dr. Kevin Grazier looks at ways in which scientists make science fiction credible, using examples of Academy Award-winner Gravity (for which he was science advisor), among others. This lecture takes place on Tuesday the 15th of April.

  • Trailer trash? Trailer talent is what we need!

    Time Capsule Award 2014 For the fifth consecutive time, Imagine hosts the competition for the Time Capsule Award. For this competition people are asked to create a thirty-second festival trailer. The competition is open to anyone, and entries are accepted as from today. The theme is: Fantastic Science.

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  • Artwork 2014

    For the artwork, Imagine once again collaborated with Utrecht designer Nick Liefhebber. Among Nick's prior work are designs for Paradiso, Sony Playstation and KUVVA. His use of colour and (abstract) shapes turn his posters into powerful graphic statements, which particularly stand out in the street.

  • home movies

    Time Capsule 2014

    Always wanted to watch your own film on the silver screen? This is your chance! For the fifth edition of the Time Capsule Award, Imagine is looking for creative minds able to capture the festival’s essence in a thirty-second festival trailer. This year, the Time Capsule’s theme is FANTASTIC SCIENCE; the fantastic side of science, that is. Time-travelling, mad scientists, microbes fighting each other like monsters? It’s all possible. Let your imagination run wild!

  • Member of EFFFF

    Imagine Film Festival is a member of the EFFFF (European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation).


    The European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation (the Federation) is a tightly knit network of 22 film festivals from 15 countries, with a global attendance of more than 450 000 visitors, making it a vital economic and cultural player on the fantastic film scene. Click on the logo for more information.