A blend of existential murder mystery and quantum mechanics multiverse paranoia - plus a psychedelic twist!

In the early sixties, a group of people are gathered together for what seems to be a revolutionary quantum mechanics congress in the Swiss Alps. We follow doctoral student Johannes (Jan Bülow) through a demented maze of disappearances, murders, and romances, all unraveling into a masterful enigma built of hallucinations and melancholic poetry. 

Written with his long-time collaborator, screenwriter Roderick Warich (The Trouble with Being Born, 2020), The Theory of Everything is Timm Kröger’s third feature film, and by far the most impressive. Fresh out of the Venice Film Festival’s competition, Kröger’s ambiguous multiverse thriller lives somewhere between Hitchcock and Nolan and will be twisting minds for years to come. An absolute feast for the eyes, its stunning black & white cinematography manages to fuse a modern plot with an antique aesthetic, all the while enrobed in a marvelous classic Hollywood Noir soundtrack. Quite a cocktail! 

118 minutes
Duitsland, Oostenrijk, Zwitserland
Duits, Swiss German
(English Subtitles)
Timm Kröger
Dana Herfurth, David Bennent, Dirk Böhling, Emanuel Waldburg-Zeil, Eva Maria Jost, Gottfried Breitfuss, Hanns Zischler, Imogen Kogge, Jan Bülow, Joey Zimmermann, Jonathan Wirtz, Ladina Carla von Frisching, Olivia Ross, Paul Wolff-Plottegg, Peter Hottinger, Philippe Graber, Vivienne Bayley