Stanislaw Lem’s masterpiece is adapted for the big screen in an entirely unique way!

Taking the plot of the novel as a starting point, Solaris Mon Amour focuses on a space station orbiting an alien planet but operates as a rumination on human existence taking in questions about philosophy, identity, memory, and trauma. 

An experimental found-footage documentary adaptation of the masterpiece Solaris, consisting only of excerpts from 1960’s educational films produced by Educational Film Studio in Lodz, this breathtaking achievement explores memory, loss, and trauma in the most touching way imaginable. Kuba Mikurda’s masterful blending of images with voice-over finds new meaning within what we are seeing and what we hear, and he manages to create a completely engrossing through-narrative that perfectly fits within Lem’s novel. Perhaps one of the most unique science-fiction films in recent years, Solaris Mon Amour invites the audience to look inwards to determine the meaning and emotion of what they are seeing.

47 minutes
(English Subtitles)
Kuba Mikurda, Laura Pawela, Marcin Lenarczyk