The friendship between Dog and Robot is put to the test in heartwarming, dialogue-free animation.

Dog lives in Manhattan and is tired of being alone. Through a mail order company he orders Robot, who he assembles himself. They soon become inseparable friends. At the end of the summer disaster strikes - from now on Dog and Robot can only dream about their adventures together. 

Spanish director Pablo Berger (Blancanieves, 2012) loosely based his first animated film on Sara Veron’s graphic novel of the same name, and uses the same simple drawing style. The setting is a somewhat romanticised version of 80’s New York and the film is brimming with pop-cultural references and jokes. But Robot Dreams is first and foremost a heartwarming film about friendship and the fragility thereof. Because the film has no dialogue, just sound and music, anyone of any age will be able to identify with the feelings of friendship, loss and reunion in their own way. 

96 minutes
Spanje, Frankrijk
no dialogues
Pablo Berger