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After Yang
Saturday 12 March
4:45 PM

Note: this film is in English, but not subtitled

Beautifully shot, subtly philosophical science fiction about a broken family trying to come to terms with the loss of their A.I. “son”, Yang.

After their A.I.-aide Yang suddenly stops working, father Jake, mother Kyra and daughter Mika almost have to learn to live again. Especially Jake struggles with his loss and the realisation that his ultra-modern existence has gotten in the way of connecting with his loved ones. A stunning meditation on grief, connection and (im)balance.

After Yang is the sci-fi debut of renowned video essayist Kogonada, who previously made the subdued drama Columbus (2017). Here, too, he uses restraint, with a beautifully meditative result. In this cosmopolitan city of the future, tactile, durable materials have taken over from hard plastics and everything flows together in apparent tranquillity. Every character is looking for connection and a much-needed equilibrium – in traffic, in contact with others, in swirling cups of green tea. The days come and go, in peaceful, beautiful vignettes filmed by cinematographer Benjamin Loeb (Mandy). Zen sci-fi of the highest calibre.


Regie | Director          Kogonoda

VS | USA 2021


Met | With                 Colin Farrell, Jodie Turner-Smith, Haley Lu Richardson