180 min.
Workshop (180 min.)

Always wanted to create your own Frankenspawn / tentacled Cthulu / monkey monster? Look no further than this exclusive wax workshop at Imagine, hosted by renowned UK anatomical artist Eleanor Crook. Eleanor is known for her hyperrealistic and morbid wax sculpture work for science and medical museums such as Gordon Museum of Pathology and Museum Vrolik. Taking inspiration from over 600 years of anatomical museums and glass jar specimens, she will give you all the material you need and teach you the tricks of the trade as you spend three hours (!) bringing your own wax creature to life. Keep it real or go full Dr Moreau: Frankenstein ain’t got nothing on you. Your little spawn can of course be taken home afterwards, in a faux formaldehyde jar. Perfect for home decoration and freaking out your dinner guests!   

The workshop takes approx. three hours. The ticket costs include all material. 

Please note: This workshop involves the use of turpentine. Don’t join if you have known allergies to turpentine or similar solvents.