90 min.
Panelgesprek (90 min.)

Hong Kong has been an icon in cinema as one of the world’s largest exporters of movies for decades and brought a distinctive identity and personality onto the silver screen. In recent years, the identity of Hong Kong and its cinema has been under assault. This panel will discuss the past, present, and future of the Hong Kong identity. There will be several guest speakers:  

Dr. Victor Fan is a reader in Film and Media Philosophy at King’s College, London. He is the author of Extraterritoriality: Locating Hong Kong Cinema and Media (Edinburgh University Press, 2019). Besides his academic career, Fan also worked with film festivals in Europe and Asia.   

Doris Yeung is a Chinese American film writer, director, and producer. She was raised in Hong Kong and San Francisco, graduated from the University of California, the American Film Institute, and the Beijing Film Academy. She is the founder of CinemAsia Film Festival based in the Netherlands, one of the longest running Asian film festivals in Europe since 2003.   

 Yan Ting Yuen is a Chinese-Dutch award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter, originally from Hong Kong, based in Amsterdam. She is a documentary filmmaker, specialized in hybrid forms of filmmaking. Yan Ting Yuen is the co-founder of the documentary collective Docmakers, 6 female film makers based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

Doris and Yan Ting are developing a project called THE HONG KONGERS aka HONG KONG DIMSUM CAFE, an immersive/interactive digital project that explores and preserves Hong Kong's identity in the cyberspace of the diaspora before it disappears forever. 

Ernie Tee will be the moderator of the panel. He is a screenplay coach, script editor and script supervisor, and has worked on a myriad of feature films, drama series and short films. He is the founder of the Scenario vakschool, where he is one of the core professors, and teaches at the Netherlands Film Academy and for the Writing for Performance program at the HKU. Ernie is also one of the heads of CinemAsia Film Lab.