60 min.
Talk door Eleanor Crook (60 min.)

“It has no mouth, and I must scream”: Anatomical Expressionism and Fantastic Film with renowned UK anatomical artist Eleanor Crook. In this heavily illustrated talk (cue - some painful images!) we will consider the deep-seated fear of the biological, that which can infiltrate, rend and mutate our known bodies into a living sculpture of dread and monstrosity. In visual culture there’s nothing like a living collage of bone, tentacle, muscle and sinew to threaten our deep anxieties and filmmakers and special effects teams have long relished the challenge. With insider tales from the dissection room and the medical museum stores, and comparing real specimens to inventions from Giger, Cronenberg, Henenlotter and others who play on our mirror neurons, Eleanor will point out the tell-tale signs that model makers have attuned their sensitivity to the body from first-hand knowledge, that secrets of the body are based in knowledge, all too believable... That the more you know about organisms, the more uncannily you can reinvent them. Impossible anatomies, dead things that live and living things that decay before your eyes defy the natural laws and hit us deep in the subconscious… indeed the dead and the monstrous have their own way of telling the living about the body, and once seen, this explodes into an artist’s vision as Anatomical Expressionism. 

 *Eleanor made a talk about her imaginary art movement Anatomical Expressionism in painting and sculpture online for our friends at Morbid Anatomy on May 30th 2022. More information on that talk can be found here: https://www.eleanorcrook.net/post/anatomical-expressionism-talk-with-morbidanatomy-how-the-corpse-expresses-itself-through-artists