840 min.
Games & Exhibitions (840 min.)

Date and Location: LAB111 downstairs, the entire festival period 

Be afraid, be very afraid when you enter the basement of LAB111 during Imagine. For the occasion, we've transformed the downstairs area into an art lab of sorts, with an immersive exhibition into the underworld of Dan Geesin’s dystopian sci-fi Sputum (premiering at Imagine!), beautifully haunting images of Museum Vrolik’s animal preparations and exclusive archival prints of LAB111 back when it was still a pathological anatomical laboratory.  

And that's not all: the basement will also host three Lab Rats! games for you to experiment with. Enter a freak show with Goslinger Fair, a game created exclusively for Imagine by game students from the HKU. Buy, sell and trade organs in Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator, the sci-fi body horror market tycoon game you didn't know you needed. Or take your shot at bloody (and possibly unsanitary) surgery with our Surgeon Simulator VR. Eek!  

More about each separate element (for social media or if there’s space on the website) 

Exhibition: Sputum – The Shithole of Evolution 

Sputum is the weird and wonderful Dutch feature film created by Anglo/Dutch artist, filmmaker and musician Dan Geesin. Coinciding with the world premiere of Sputum at Imagine, Geesin is also bringing the tactile Sputum world to you in the LAB111 basement, with an exclusive, temporary exhibition of research materials and original drawings from Sputum's ten-year development as well as props and costumes from the film, courtesy of costume designers Guusje de Bruin and Sarah Kerbosch and production designer Marieke van den Bosch.  

Exhibition: Museum Vrolik x Hans van den Bogaard 

No lab is complete without some formaldehyde animal preparations. Thankfully, our dear friends at Museum Vrolik were so kind to lend us four prints from their Collection photographed by Hans van den Bogaard: the dolphin, the snake, the mammals and the armadillo. The prints, beautiful and endearing in a way though perhaps also not for the faint of heart, were previously shown in the Vrolik exhibition in FOAM back in 2010 and at the AMC museum location. 

Game: Goslinger Fair 

The game takes place in a fantastical Carnival fair. Enjoy the beautiful Circus-like scenery and fun rides around the fair. Shoot as many as you can and win an amazing prize! Goslinger Fair was created especially for Imagine 2022 by five students from the HKU: Stefan Stan, Merel Wormmester, Julia Franken, Kim Hoogeboom and Mitchell Bekke. 

Game: Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator 

Buy, sell, and trade organs in a strange and evolving universe. Dive into the quivering innards of alien capitalism in the sci-fi body horror market tycoon game you didn't know you needed. Developed by Strange Scaffold

VR Game: Surgeon Simulator – Experience Reality 

Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality (developed by Bossa Studios) transports you into some of the most unlikely and possibly unsanitary surgeries possible. Bob’s life is in your hands in this darkly humorous VR game, taking you closer to bloody surgery than you possibly ever wanted to go! From the operating theatre, to the back of an ambulance, to outer space, your patient’s welfare will be in your virtual hands.