70 min.
Filmconcert (70 min.)

In true Lab Rats! fashion, check out this special screening of pre-Code gem Island of Lost Souls from 1932 in celebration of its 90th Anniversary, complete with a one-of-a-kind live score by internationally renowned, Amsterdam-based Moog player Tos ‘T.O.S.’ Nieuwenhuizen. You may know T.O.S. as the longtime collaborator & valve amplifier guru of American drone band Sunn O))).   

 Full of questionable experiments, God complexes, vivisection, transfusions, gland extracts and more, the point of Dr. Moreau-adaptation Island of Lost Souls is not whether Moreau’s ‘creatures’ are human. It’s about what kind of human beings we are – or should be. The film suggests that animals can possess humanity – so what does that make Moreau? Island of Lost Souls was one of the first films with sound but without a score. See it with live music for the very first time!