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Imagine Film Festival is moving!

Both the location and the festival period of the Imagine Film Festival are moving next year. In 2022, the festival will take place from October 26 to November 4 at two new locations in Amsterdam: De FilmHallen and LAB111. As a festive preview of the festival, ‘Club Imagine’ will take place this year from October 27 to 31, at the new location LAB111, as well as at the Amsterdam Public Library (OBA).

From 2022 onwards, the Imagine Film Festival will no longer take place in April, but will move to autumn. With a festival period from October 26 through to November 4, the festival will be more in line with the international calendar of ‘fantastic films’. The organisation expects to be able to offer a stronger and more up-to-date programme in the fall this way.

Besides a new festival period, Imagine will also take place at no fewer than two new festival locations in Amsterdam, LAB111 and De FilmHallen, allowing the festival to expand from two to four screens.

Club Imagine
As a preview, Imagine is collaborating with LAB111 to organise a festival weekend named ‘Club Imagine’ from October 29 to 31, with film screenings, a VR installation and a Film Quiz Extravaganza. This weekend will be preceded by two evenings in the OBA, with programmes that focus on the colonial view on Indonesian spirituality.