One of the most explosive love stories is brought to life in a musical that is sultry, seductive and utterly unforgettable! 

Grace Chang gives her most mesmerizing performance as a sensuous singer who seduces and destroys both herself and the man she loves. She is nicely complemented by Chang Yang as the inexperienced piano player who falls for her. 

Adapted from Bizet's opera Carmen and Josef von Sternberg's The Blue Angel, The Wild, Wild Rose is undoubtedly one of the classics in the Hong Kong cinema in every sense of the word. Grace Chang, a superstar by any other name, alters her image as the wholesome ‘Mambo Girl’ from her previous breakout hit with this sultry and stylish adaptation of Carmen and The Blue Angel - shot with a style that blends noir aesthetics with musical staging, The Wild, Wild Rose is also not afraid to explore the socio-economic situations of its characters as well as giving them room to reach out and act on their desires. A true example of magnetic cinema from the legendary Cathay Studios, this is unmissable, and once seen, unforgettable. 

123 minuten
(English ondertiteld)
Wang Tianlin