Grieving widower threatens the family who takes him in, in atmospheric chamber horror.     

When Rosa, his wife for many years, suddenly ends her life, elderly Manuel’s world falls apart. The shock leads to dementia and his son Mario takes him home with his family. Tensions arise when Manuel shows sudden outbursts of violence and self-mutilation. And that is just the start.     

The discomforts of old age and the difficulty for young people to deal with them get a whole new dimension in this atmospheric chamber horror. Shooting almost entirely indoors, the directing duo slowly builds up the tension to an unbearable point. Zorion Eguileor (The Platform) delivers an amazing performance, both vulnerable and dangerous. The backdrop of a sweltering hot summer provides an added layer of suffocation and anguish. In the final part of the film, as strange and paranormal events start to happen around the family, Manuel’s behaviour is given a new turn, working towards a surprising finale.   


95 minuten
(English ondertiteld)
Fernando Gonzalez Gomez, Raúl Cerezo