Feature, 105min
VS, 2020

Director: Jill Gevargizian
Cast: Brea Grant, Najarra Townsend
Genre: Horror, Thriller

A lonely hair stylist becomes obsessed with the life of a client in disturbing psychological horror.

Claire is a lonely hairdresser and stylist. When her regular customer Olivia, a successful magazine editor, asks her to do her wedding hair, Claire refuses. To convince her, Olivia pulls Claire into her circle of friends. As Olivia and Claire get closer, the bond starts to develop unhealthy aspects. A character study of the awkward in this disturbing psychological thriller. 

In her first feature film, Jill Gevargizian juxtaposes the successful media professional and the socially awkward loner. It is a classical setup, but she avoids the clichés of the genre and turns The Stylist into something different. We quickly get to know Claire and Olivia, and once that’s done the pace slows down and the film becomes a character study of this strange, obsessed and socially awkward woman. Once the lives of the two start to intertwine, the film really enters disturbing territory and becomes awkward for the viewer as well. The two leads are excellent and, as you may expect from a film about a stylist, the costumes are fantastic.